Wacky Space Saver

Wacky Space Saver

    • Actual Size: 16 'L X 13' W X 8"H


The Wacky Space Saver bouncer will entice your guests to give it a try with its fun multi-colored set-up! Its bright colors will attract them, and the fun of the bounce will keep them inside. This bouncer is great, as it doesn’t take up much room, and is enjoyable for all!

There are many times when you want to have a party, and although you want it to be one of the best and for it to stand out amongst the others, it is hard given the space that you have to work with. If you are planning on having the party outside, there may not be much room in the yard after all of the tables and chairs are brought out and set up. That’s where this Wacky Space Saver Bouncer comes in.

Although it may not have a fun dinosaur theme, or a slide to slide down, it is still fun! Children will bounce around over the waves and try their luck as they go a bit faster on the next time around. They may fall, but that is okay, as they will just bounce right up and start again! There will be some daredevils that try different maneuvers on the inflatable, which makes it fun for those passing to watch as well!

This one is truly one to let the imagination take over on. Since it doesn’t have a theme, children can think of their own! Will they be surfing on the waves, or jumping over boulders while getting chased through the jungle? Is there a crazy animal on the other side, or maybe even a mean one behind them? The choice is theirs, and they will enjoy every second of it!

The Wacky Space Saver may be fun sized, but it still packs a punch and stays popular amongst guests. Let children stay inside for hours on end, as they won’t want to come out when called! This inflatable will keep them entertained, while allowing parents a time to mingle without wondering what their children are doing or where they are. All it will take is a peek through the sheer sides to know that they are still inside and having fun with the others! Adding the Wacky Space Saver is a great addition to your event; no matter what size area you have available. Its small 16 by 13 foot print is great for almost all spaces!