Snow Board

Snow Board

    • Actual Size: 15’L x 15’W x 4’H


Extreme sports intrigue the younger generation, and they are eager to test their limits. Whether it be skiing, skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding- it seems as if they have no fear and are ready to get geared up and go! While these sports can be a little dangerous, there are alternatives that can still give them a rush. Have our Snowboard inflatable at your next event, and let those attending test their skills no matter what their age!

Guests will hop up onto the inflatable and jump onto the board. Before they know it, they will be swaying back and forth because of their body weight on the board. It can get a little chaotic, after all when you are sliding through the snow you never know what you are in for! There could be bumps and obstacles along the way, and you have to adjust your path to avoid them. Back and forth the board will rock, and you balance is imperative! Hold your ground in order to succeed.

Some who aren’t as balanced as they would like to be will end up falling off the board into the snowy abyss below. But, they will bounce right back up and be ready to go through the line and try again! It is definitely something that takes a bit of technique and practice, but guests will get the hang of it in no time.

They will be picturing themselves as the best snowboarders in the world by the time they are done, and may just gain enough confidence to take on the real snow in the future. Others will decide that even though they were all for it in the beginning it just may not be the sport for them… but they will still have fun! You never know how difficult a sport can be until you do a test run, whether it is on the real terrain or on our inflatable!

Our Snowboard inflatable will keep your guests busy for hours as they try to keep their balance and refrain from falling off the board! It is a fun, creative addition to any event and will be sure to delight all those who dare to try it. Snowboarding in the snow can be a bit intimidating, but our inflatable is soft and squishy to help prevent any injuries that those testing their luck could possible incur.