• Actual Size: 22’L x 22’W x 18’H


You are in the forest and suddenly hear footsteps behind you. You can tell it isn’t a person, but you don’t want to look back to see what is lurking. Picking up your pace, you continue your way to your destination. The footsteps begin to sound closer, and you begin to run. There are twigs and rocks in your way, and you have to dodge multiple obstacles to get through the brush. Hoping your follower loses sight of you; you crouch down into a cave and wait for a little while before continuing your way. Hopefully, when you rise from your hideout, no one will be waiting for you.

Unfortunately, you aren’t that lucky. You take a few steps forward and realize that you can still sense the being around you. Climbing rocks and other surfaces, you try to evade this mysterious hanger-on. You go through the thickest brush, climb a few trees, and swing on some vines all to get away. The footsteps don’t seem to be getting farther away. This is when you finally gain the courage to look behind you.

No! Wait! You should watch where you are heading. Before you know it you are sliding down a slippery slide onto the forest bed below. Will you be okay? Try to stay still so you don’t hit anything rough on the way down. Prepare yourself mentally for the abrupt stop at the bottom.

You won’t really be climbing through the forest, but you will be watching your guests climb a slippery slope to get to the top of Rockslide! They will test their balance and skills on the way up. The first one to ring the bell at the top of the slide before sliding back down wins. Be careful, though. When you reach for the bell, you might slide down! Take your time when you get to this point, because you don’t want to start from the beginning after all the work you put in to get to the top!

Compete to find out who the ultimate climber is. Both the defeated and the victor will slide down, both with a smile on their faces! It truly is a win-win even though only one can be the fastest. Will you accept the climbing challenge?

Keep everyone entertained with this fun-filled inflatable! It will be a smash at your next event!