• Actual Size: 42' L x 44' W x 25' H


You are walking around in a foreign land and you aren’t really sure what to expect. The weather is damp and the sunshine is peeking through the large canopy trees. You can hear small animals rustling in the leaves, but can’t see anything with your naked eye. Soft chirping is heard, and the air seems calm and inviting. There is a small path and you decide that that is probably the best way to go, as it seems that people have ventured that way before. You think to yourself and can’t remember how you ended up in your current environment, but you do know that it is imperative that you get back to civilization.

The wind starts picking up and suddenly the birds stop chirping and the rustling of the animals stops. It becomes eerily silent as you continue walking down the path. The path leads up a steep hill, and as you walk you try to hear the familiar sounds that you noticed before. You can’t hear a thing. There must be a reason. You look around anxiously as you continue up the hill, but you don’t find anything.

At the top of the hill you hear a loud growl and you can finally see why everything went so quiet! There is a raptor at the top and he looks hungry! You race around, trying to dodge his teeth as he tries to grab you for a late night snack. You were slowing down, but this beast surely got your adrenaline doing again! You try to find a safe place while dodging his teeth and it is very difficult to think straight. Suddenly, he jerks to the right after hearing a noise from around the corner, and you find your chance to run around the back of him. Maybe when he looks back into the direction you were in, he will forget you were there!

You try to be as quiet as you can when you are behind the raptor. But then it happens; a branch breaks under your feet. You have no choice but to slide down the other side of the steep hill. As you slide, the raptor reaches his claws around and tries to stop you. Luckily, he fails!

Let your guests feel like they are part of the Jurassic world with this fun, frightening inflatable! While fearful the first time, your younger guests will gain their bravery as they find themselves climbing to slide down over and over again.