Pork Chop

Pork Chop

    • Actual Size: 24″H x 35″W x 48″D


Carnivals are always entertaining. The games light up and make noise, catching your attention as you walk by. The aroma of all the freshly made foods makes your mouth water. The sounds of the rides and the screams of excitement as people speed down the roller coaster hills keep you on your toes. There is a lot to see and do at these types of places, but one thing is a classic that you surely can’t just walk by.

The pig race is about to start! You hear the conductor over the loudspeaker exclaiming that time is running out to place bets on the fastest pig! Even though you aren’t one for better normally, this race seems to grab your attention and reel you in. You sit down and decide that just one race can’t hurt.

You quickly look over the swine and see who looks the most active and put your money on him. Then it is time. The pigs start racing wildly in an attempt to get through the maze first. Will your selection win? Maybe picking the one that was most active before the race was a bad idea; he seems to be tiring quickly. The pigs go back and forth with one outrunning the other. Some just stop and wander aimlessly. Others keep heading toward the finish line. Before you know it, the laziest looking pig takes the lead.

You were fooled, along with everyone else! He wasn’t lazy. He was just saving his energy for the race. As he crosses the finish line first, you let out a loud sigh. That wasn’t expected at all! Although you are upset about losing, you find yourself contemplating another wager. These pigs are keeping your attention. They are too cute to take your eyes off of, and it is fun to watch them waddle through the maze to get to the end. A race for them is like a brisk walk for us!

At your next outdoor event, keep your guests of all ages entertained with a fun carnival show that doesn’t have to stay at a carnival! We will bring the race to you. With our mechanical pig race, Pork Chop Speedway, your guests can place their bets on who they think will win the race, or they can simply watch and cheer on their favorite. The more you cheer, the better they do. Just don’t let the pig outwit you!