Off Road

Off Road

    • Actual Size: 48' L x 40' W x 20' H


Picture yourself racing along with the best of them in your four wheeler. Every twist, turn, and bump makes you hold your breath as you make your way through the muddy paths. Hoping you won’t break parts, or even lose a wheel, you continue on your voyage while envisioning the finish.

Just when you think you are in the clear, you hit a rocky patch. Your first instinct is to close your eyes and hit the gas pedal, but that is not the best option at all! Keep those eyes open as you maneuver your way through the obstacles that you encounter.

To your surprise, on the other side of the rocks is a river! Cross carefully- you don’t want to end up wet and stalled in the middle. Get through quickly and cautiously. Hopefully, there are no surprises hiding under that murky water below! You never know what could be lurking. Maybe there is an alligator? Maybe even a fish with razor-like teeth? Perhaps it is only your imagination getting the best of you.

You make it and take a deep breath, when all of the sudden you realize you are at a steep peak. Plot your way down so you don’t slip and end up toppling to the bottom. No one wants their truck to turn into a pile of rubble!

Along your way you think to yourself that you shouldn’t have tried this awful adventure, but then you see the end in the distance. A sigh of relief escapes your mouth as the opening becomes more and more clear and the terrain becomes increasingly bearable. You made it! There is no greater feeling than the feeling of accomplishment, especially after overcoming so many obstacles on your trip. At times it may have seemed impossible, but you made it through with a little effort and elbow grease!

Challenge yourself with our off road racing experience! It is a fun-filled inflatable obstacle course that will keep your guests on their toes (or all four wheels)! They will make their way through various obstacles by crawling, climbing, sliding, and even jumping to get to the finish. Make it a race or a solo challenge. Either way, it is sure to keep those brave enough to try busy for hours on end! After the first time through, they will know what to expect and try to make it through flawlessly on their second run.