• Actual Size: 8′


Imagine that you are being held captive on a ship when suddenly it hits a rock. You are able to get away and you swim until you think you can’t paddle anymore. Just when you are about to give up, you see a small patch of land. You are able to pull yourself up and onto the small patch, and you stand up looking for others that could be swimming along your path. To your dismay, as you stand up you notice that there are seven additional patches of land all around you in a circular pattern.

Patch by patch, your captors fill up the additional spaces of land. While there is no longer a ship, they are still your enemy. You look at them with both fear and determination. They can’t get to you, but what is lurking below? You know that you have nowhere to turn, but the middle of the ocean doesn’t take sides.

As you stand there, thinking about your next step, a huge sea creature begins to rise from the water. You and your captors look to the center of the circle with the same look of disbelief. It is huge, and it looks hungry. Its goal is to knock you into the water and make you his dinner!

Before you know it, two arms are swinging at you. It will be necessary to duck under them, jump over them, or do whatever else in your power to avoid getting hit. Do your best to stay on your patch of land as one by one your captors will be picked off and tossed into the water below. Not everyone will be able to dodge the two arms that are coming at them with no mercy. What a tasty treat for the monster!

Imagination sets the plot with Meltdown, an eight player fast action inflatable game. There are eight podiums to stand on, with two mobile “boom arms” that come flying at the players at two different heights. As a participant, it is your job to be the last one standing as your opponents topple off of their podiums and onto the inflatable surface below. Jumping and ducking are imperative, and speed and reaction time will determine your ability to succeed on the mission of being the last one standing. Add some friendly competition to your event with Meltdown, and you will be sure to impress your guests!