Log Jammer Extreme

Log Jammer Extreme

    • Actual Size: 90’L x 14’W x 32′ H


You are a lumberjack. Every day you go to work and cut down trees in order to provide us with the wood that we need for everyday building tasks. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Swinging an axe all day isn’t a fun task, and hurts those muscles! Doing it daily has proved to be a workout and had made you nice and strong.

One day, you want to get to the tallest tree in the area, but it is up a steep hill. Considering your increased stamina from working all the time, you decide that you are up for the challenge of getting to that tree. Of course, there are many others around that you could choose from, but you have set your sights on this one. Everyone thinks you are crazy for attempting the climb, but off you go!

You ascend higher and higher up the hill, not realizing how steep it was to begin with. But you won’t give up, and want to make it seem effortless for those watching at the bottom. You can’t let them know that you might be struggling. Continue climbing until you reach the tree that you wanted.

Once you get there, you may want to take a break. Sit down and observe the scenery around you, and even the people below. They will be looking in amazement- maybe they thought that you wouldn’t make it up there. You showed them! You weren’t afraid, set your goal, and achieved it! Even though it wasn’t easy, you got the job done.

After you catch your breath, you start thinking about the voyage down. Will you have to simply climb back down the way you came up? No way! You look around and find a slide, and it looks like a pretty fast one with all of the water dripping down it! Scoot yourself up and slide down the straight shot to the ground. Spectators will be amazed at the amount of time it takes you to complete everything! The climb up is much longer than the slide down at the end, but the slide will make you want to do it again and again!

The Log Jammer waterslide is a fun addition to your party. It takes some time for guests to climb up and it is a great way to cool off on a warm day. Keep them entertained with this one