Kongo Krazy Slide

Kongo Krazy Slide

    • Actual Size: 46'L x 28' W x 28' H


You are racing through the jungle, trying to make it back to the area where the rest of your party is. Trudging through mud, jumping over rocks, and dodging tree branches are a piece of cake as you continue on your way. Wasting no time, you run effortlessly toward your destination. In the distance, you hear a loud growl, and another unfamiliar noise. What could it possibly be?

As you start ascending a steep hill, you come to a screeching halt. There appears to be a huge gorilla, and he isn’t very happy! You take a few minutes to decide your next move before he notices you. There is no way around him, and you are going to have to maneuver around him very quietly if you want to survive! You take a deep breath, and up you go! Continuing up the hill as stealthfully as possible, you remain unseen. But, that is when you see something even more shocking than the gorilla.

Looking down from the top of the hill, you can see what is making the gorilla so upset. There is a dinosaur lurking in the jungle! How did he get there? You don’t have much time to contemplate the sight before your eyes; you just know that you have to get down the hill to get to your loved ones! The slide down the hill seems impossible, but right down the middle of the hill is where you need to go. Hopefully the gorilla will continue distracting the dinosaur so you don’t become lunch!

One more deep breath and you start sliding down the hill. You are so scared that it is almost impossible to keep your eyes open. If you make one wrong move, it could be your last. The dinosaur and gorilla keep bickering between themselves as you sneak right by to the solid ground at the bottom of the hill. You made it! You continue down the path and are reunited with the people you know, who were eagerly awaiting your return.

Let the imaginations of your younger guests go wild with this fun inflatable slide! The gorilla and dinosaur might be a little scary, but it is a fun little rush of adrenaline for those who take the plunge down the slide. Kongo Krazy is perfect for any occasion, and those attending will be kept busy for hours as they rush to slide down repeatedly!