Klime Wallz

Klime Wallz

    • Actual Size: 29’10” L x 9’7″ W x 24’6″H


Imagine that you are running through the jungle, and something is chasing you. You can hear it getting closer, but you can’t run any faster. Whatever is is, it seems heavy on its feet.

As you think about what type of creature it could possible be, you reach what seems to be a dead end.

There is a wall in front of you, and you begin to panic as you approach it. What are you going to do?

This creature can’t win!

As you get closer to the rock wall, you decide that you will try to climb it. The creature may not be able to follow you if it is heavy or doesn’t have the right footing to do it! You begin to climb up the wall, and it it much harder than expected. Placing your hands in the right place, and keeping your footing is not as easy as it looks on television! Luckily, the creature doesn’t seem to be following you anymore, as you can only hear grunting from down on the ground. Taking a minute to look down, you notice it is a tiger! Surely, you have to make it to the top of this wall, or you will become breakfast for this beast!

Climbing is taking a toll on you as you begin to wonder what you can do to make it to the top. Looking to your left, you notice that the rocks look a little more sturdy and more abundant. Perhaps that is a better route to victory. You begin to transition to the left by strategically placing your limbs closer to the left while continuing your trek up.

It seems like forever, but you finally made it! It seems like you have climbed all the way up to the clouds over the course of hours, even though it hasn’t been that long at all. Adrenaline got you through. Looking down, you see that the tiger has lost interest as it wasn’t able to make the rock climb with you. It is a victory on your behalf!