• Actual Size: 25’L x 19’W x 5’H


In the middle ages, it was common for people to engage in jousting events. They would mount their horses and grab their lances as spectators looked on. Heading from opposite ends of the field, they would dart towards their opponents, trying to dismount them with their lances. Over and over again until one falls, they will go towards each other. Those that took part would attempt to create the best armor to wear so their opponents would have a harder time breaking it and dismounting them. This could take months, only to be destroyed in minutes.

In recent times, jousting is making a comeback in renaissance and medieval fairs around the world. Most buy costume armor, but others take their game very seriously and still forge the metal themselves for authenticity. They pick the horses that are least likely to get spooked, and practice their tactics that they will use come reasonable time. People watch the events in awe, wondering how those taking part can hold up the heavy lances, wearing heavy armor, and riding on horses! It looks sturdy, and is even tougher!

See if you are up to the challenge with our inflatable jousting platform. There may not be any horses involved, but it will surely keep you on your toes! Two gladiators will be selected to go against each other in battle. They will step up onto their individual platforms and look at each other with determination and ferocity. Who will be the victor? Inflatable lances will be distributed, and then it is up to you! Try to swing your lance and make your opponent stumble! The goal is simply to be the first to knock them off their feet. The first person to fall from their podium onto the soft floor below will be deemed the loser. The remaining gladiator will be crowned the victor.

It may seem easy, but wielding that lance is harder than it looks! The balancing game proves tough when something is coming at you in full force! It may be your nerves that make you jump from the podium before the lance even comes in contact with you. For a sport like this, you truly need nerves of steel! Hold your place as the lance comes towards you. Keep your footing and hold your ground. Don’t let your opponent become the victor!

Jousting is a fun, competitive sport to add to your next event!