Giant LED Battleship

Giant LED Battleship


"HIT"..... "MISS" Who remembers this when they were a Kid. With our Giant Battleship game you get to command your fleet and rule the seas! Seek and sink your enemy's ships before they find and sink yours! Built in LED Lights for Great Visual effects!


Each player secretly hides their ships on their ocean map, making sure that they all fall within the zone and not over top of any letters or numbers on the grid. Once everyone is set up you start taking turns taking 1 shot at your opponent's fleet. Shots are then fired back and forth until only one fleet is left sailing.

To take a shot at you opponent, you call out a combination of a lettered row and a numbered column. The letters range from A - J and the numbers from 1-10, so you could call any combination such as C3. Your opponent will then tell you if you either missed or if you hit one of their ships. On a hit the opponent must tell you which ship was hit and mark it with a red damage peg. On a hit or miss when you call a shot, you mark your firing zone with the proper colored peg. Continue back and forth until all of ones ships have been DESTROYED!