Fun Slide

Fun Slide

    • Actual Size: 120' L x 20' W x 28' H


There are certain things you see at every town carnival- your water games, teacups, and the Fun Slide! The Fun Slide has been around for years, and is still just as entertaining as it was the first year it came out! The flashing lights and multi color sliding lanes keep spectators in awe as they pass by For the younger ones, climbing to the top may prove to be a bit difficult, given its tall structure. It takes a little while to get to the top, but when they get there, they are amazed! From the top, they can see so much more than they could on the ground. The magnificent, glowing, carnival lights, twisting rides, and the people moving about can be seen so much better from the top of the slide! They will take a few moments to relish in the sights before getting in position to make the slide down!

For their first trip up, they may want a familiar adult hand to hold- and that is fine! All ages are welcome on this ride, and all ages enjoy it too! When they get more familiar with the Fun Slide, they won’t hesitate to take the stairs back up to the top by themselves. Whether going up independently or with another person, it proves to be an entertaining addition! Fundraisers, carnivals, and parties would benefit by having the Fun Slide!

Maybe competitiveness will take over, and guests will choose to go up in threes, taking up all three lanes of the slide. Starting on the count of three, they all push off the base and start the ride! The first one to reach the bottom will be the winner! Making the slide into a race is just one of the many entertaining options available when utilizing the slide. Potato sacks can be used to make the slide down a bit faster if preferred, and daring enough!

The slide is very tall; a whopping 28 feet high! The bumps and grooves in the slide itself make it a wavy ride! Those who are riding for the first time don’t really know the intensity of the slide down, but after their first trek, they will certainly get in line over and over again!

Having the Fun Slide at your next event will surely keep those you invite entertained for hours! It is a fun, fast paced addition, which is great for all ages.