Freestyle Frenzy

Freestyle Frenzy

    • Actual Size: 58’L x 30’W x 24’H


Skateboarding has been a popular past time for as long as I can remember, and no matter where you are, you will certainly see someone skating down the street in your daily travels. It is a quick way to get to where you want to go, and allows you to try some tricks along the way! That is, if you are daring enough. Whether you are skating straight to where you need to be, or riding along the curb and performing intense jumps, it is sure to be enjoyable.

Grab your skateboard and get out the door! Skate your way down the street to the nearest park and test your skills. Watch out for obstacles and people along the way, you don’t want to wipe yourself, or anyone else out! Your friends will be there waiting to see what move you will try next. Will it be challenging, or just another day outside? They will have to wait and see what you have in store for them. It is always a surprise and they wait restlessly to see what you will do, and maybe they will even try to top your performance!

As you enter your park, they move around with anticipation on the bleachers as you start to gain speed moving up and down the ramps. As speed is gained, your confidence increases and you start to do a simple trick here and there. Then it happens. You start riding your board backwards before attempting a 360 on the ramp. You nail it! Awesome job! Your friends look at you in amazement, not believing what they just saw. Will one be brave enough to top your performance? They try with grinding their boards and doing other simplistic tricks with an occasional kick flip tossed into the mix. No one even comes close, and you remain the champion!

Imagination runs wild with the Freestyle Frenzy skateboarding inflatable. Guest will have to maneuver and test their skills as they make their way up to the very top, before sliding their way to the bottom. Just as a skater sometimes slides down the ramp, guest will head to the ground at what seems like top speed! Jump over and evade obstacles as you race to the finish of this figure eight shaped course. Test your skills and you hand eye coordination while trying to be the first to get to the end. Will you be victorious?