Dual Lane Giant Slide

Dual Lane Giant Slide

    • Actual Size: 20’L x 40’W x 22’H


Relaxing at home, you begin to hear a commotion outside. Thinking nothing of it, you turn up your headphones and continue to listen to your music. But the commotion gets louder, and you finally decide to take a peak outside. To your surprise, you see everyone running away and fires in the distance. You know not to panic, and take some time to assess the situation. Your village is being taken over by a vicious group of people, and you know you and your family have to escape before they find your house! Grab a few of your things before you head for the hills!

You pack a small backpack and toss it over your shoulder. Before you know it, you are headed out the back door at full speed, jumping over anything that may get in your way. Warning neighbors along the way, you try to help as many as possible. You continue running until you get to the hill in the distance. Now you have to slow down, as you are heading upward and the ground is no longer flat and inviting. With no choice, you continue up the hill as fast as you possibly can without looking back. Your feet seem to be going so fast that they are flying, as you are determined to get a safe distance away. You climb higher and higher up the hill, not letting anything stop you.

Sooner than you thought, you arrive at the top. Now you take a moment to look back, realizing that there are many others following you. It appears that you going out just in the nick of time and the others followed your lead. You basically saved your whole village by being the first to take charge! Even though the city is in shambles, you take pride in knowing that you saved those that you care about and the neighbors that you grew up with. On the other side of the hill, you know it is safe. Without hesitation, you slide down the well-beaten path to save time and get everyone to safety quicker. It was close, but you made it!

Take a leap with our Duel Lane Giant Slide. It may feel like it takes forever to reach the peak, but the slide down will be worth it. Slide at your top speed while laughing all the way. Again and again, your guests will find themselves climbing back up!