Dolphin Express

Dolphin Express

    • Actual Size: 28’ L x 15’ W x 18’ H


Under the surface of the ocean live many creatures that we hardly ever get to see. They live deep below the ocean; some in places that have never even been explored. You are that explorer- the one that is going to try to get to the deepest depths of the ocean to see what lies beneath the areas that have been searched before.

Your favorite all time sea creature is the dolphin. They let you swim with them, and take you in as one of their own. Sometimes, they will even play games with you. It seems as if they have their own personality and are trying to show you who they are.

You’ve seen many creatures below the ocean. Some are beautiful and others are a bit scary, but you are ready for more! You put on your scuba-suit and get ready to depart your submarine for a more up close and personal view with the ocean floor.

Looking around, you see many pretty coral reefs, some shelled creatures, and small fish swimming all around you. In the distance, you see a shadow but you don’t pay much mind to it and continue observing the creatures that are close to you.

You look up for a moment and there it is- the shadow is getting closer. What could it be? You shine your flashlight on it, and all you see is teeth! You run as fast as you can, which isn’t an easy feat in a scuba suit, and try to make your way back to the submarine. You didn’t realize how far you had actually ventured away from the craft until now. As you are running, you notice that all of the creatures that were around had already made their escape. Or, were they eaten? This can’t be good!

To your surprise, three dolphins are rushing toward you. Swimming and swimming. Faster and faster. They scoop you up and push you to the submarine at top speed. You knew there was a reason, beyond what you already knew, as to why they were your favorite! They are protectors!

With a nod to your friends, you get back into your submarine and continue on your voyage (from the inside of the craft)!

Enjoy a ride on the Dolphin Express- A splashing fun time for everyone! (Also available as a dry slide for those that don’t feel like getting wet!)