Big Mouth

Big Mouth

    • Actual Size: 37″H x 23″W x 9″ D


We’ve all been to a carnival where you are enjoying your time with friends and family, when all of a sudden you round a corner and you hear a “Hey you! You over there!” only to find out that it is the clown in the dunk tank, ready to pounce with his crude humor. Even if you try to keep on walking, chances are he will make fun of you until you can no longer hear him. Of course, this is his job. He is trying to lure you closer so you will try to dunk him into the chilly water below his seat.

When he finally wins and gets you to go closer to the tank and grab a couple tennis balls, you want to be prepared! Don’t give him more ammunition by missing the target when you throw the ball. It will make him giggle a bit, and make you furious! All of the spectators will be watching as you try your luck, because they want to see him make a splash just as much as you do! That’s where Big Mouth comes in!

The appropriately names Big Mouth clown game will get you prepared for the real deal! The clown depicted has his mouth open, which makes him look like he is ready to start making fun of you. But, you have the upper hand with this one. The goal is to shoot the tennis balls right into his mouth! That way, he won’t be able to talk anymore! When you have gotten the hang of hitting your target with this wooden clown game, you will be ready to take on the real deal!

Younger guests may not care too much about getting the real clown, but they will have just as much fun playing the Big Mouth clown game! They will take a chance, hoping to get the tennis balls directly into the target. Of course, there will be a few times where the balls bounce back out, or simply don’t make it all the way to their intended target. But kids are resilient, and they will try until they make it!

Big Mouth will give your guests the confident to round that carnival corner, and take on the real clown. Or, give the little ones a chance to test their hand eye coordination. Perhaps they want to go dunk the clown, but his rude remarks leave you skeptical about heading that way. Big Mouth is perfect for your next carnival themed event!