Bean Toss

Bean Toss

    • Actual Size: 32″H x 24″W x 13″ D


A classic game for any event has always been bean toss. It doesn’t matter if you are at a carnival, state fair, or a birthday party… bean toss is always a popular addition to any type of festivity because it is so versatile. Although the main goal of the game remains the same, different themes and additions can be added to make it a bit more interesting.
Our Bean Toss game sticks with the classic wooden board, and three bean bags per player. The goal of our version is not only to get the bean bags into the holes, but to also score 750 points by getting them into the correct holes. This makes it a bit harder, as some holes are easier to toss the bean bags into than others due to their placement on the board. Even though all of the holes are the same size, location it key when it comes to tossing them.

Most people just want to hurry and toss the bean bags at a fast pace, just looking to see if they will get them into the holes in the game board. But you can’t become a victor that way! Guests will take time to toss the bean bags, as they will be trying to utilize their mathematical skills at the same time. Even if they get all of the bean bags into the holes, without the total of 750 points they still are unable to win. For most, the longer the party continues, the harder the game becomes.

People of all ages can take part in this game, and for the younger ones it proves to be a learning experience as well since their math skills are tested. For the older guests, consider it a refresher course! Everyone uses technology nowadays for their mathematical tasks. It is interesting to see how long it actually takes for guests to figure out what holes need to be utilized in order to hit the correct amount of points. Sometimes, the younger ones show up the adults by being quicker with their mental math!

Bean Toss is an awesome addition to your event, as it will keep guests busy for a longer period of time and it will keep their minds sharp! No matter how old they are, they will try until they succeed with this essential game. Test the math skills, and hand eye coordination of your guests by adding Bean Toss to your list of entertainment options.