Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

    • Actual Size: 25’L x 25’W x 25’H


You are cruising in your boat and suddenly the water begins to get a bit choppy. Bad weather is on its way, and you fear that you won’t have enough time to get your vessel back to shore. You start heading back to land, but the weather isn’t going to wait for your safe arrival. It starts pouring, and your boat sways back and forth on the windswept waters.

Before you know it, your boat overturns and you are tossed into the water below. Luckily, a life vest is in reach and you are able to put it on. The water is chilly, and swimming seems impossible in the rough waters. A piece of wood floats by and you hop up on it and use it like a raft, but the waters are still a bit unmanageable. You sit and wait, hoping that the coast guard or another vessel will come by. It seems as if it has been hours!

The sun starts to peak through the ominous clouds and the water becomes calmer as the minutes tick by. Birds can be heard in the distance, and some seagulls are flying overhead to see if they can claim their next meal from the sea. You rub your tired eyes, and see a ship heading your way when you open them. You can’t see the flag that is waving on it, so it isn’t immediately clear what type of ship it is.

As it gets closer, you can see that it is a pirate ship! The closer it gets, the more anxious you feel. Are they there to help, or are they going to capture you and hold you captive? They slow down as they come toward you so your raft won’t tip over, and they coast the rest of the way. A rope is thrown down, and before you know it you are climbing on board, unsure of what to expect. You just know that you have to get out of the water, and this is your only chance! Luckily, these pirates are nice and you begin your journey towards the shore with them.

Put your sea legs to work with our Pirate Ship! It will swing back and forth, higher and higher until you feel as if you will go over the top! Just when it’s about to go belly up, it will come right back down toward the ground and keep your guests on their toes! The vessel will take you guests on an unforgettable voyage, and keep the boarding again and again!